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Why should you consider eSecure as a serious backup solution? Here are six reasons, among many:

  • Top-notch data security and integrity and unique pass phrase recovery system based on the best open standards (AES-256, HMAC-SHA-256, RSA-3072, TLS/SSL, PBKDF2, FIPS 197, NIST 800-38A). All file data is stored encrypted on disk and is doubly-encrypted while in transit. We cannot access your encryption key/data under any circumstances.
  • Single solution for remote and local backups, allowing you to simplify setup and monitoring and deliver a better customer experience. Now a single product can be used to instantly backup and restore data locally and remotely.

Data Center Specifications

  • Single solution for remote and local backups, allowing you to simplify setup and monitoring and deliver a better customer experience. Now a single product can be used to instantly backup and restore data locally and remotely.
  • Proven high-speed fully automated block-level incremental backup engine, supporting unlimited versioning, compression, Exchange 2003 & SQL Server, open and locked files, very large files ( > 4GB), network mapped drives, and visual/manual editing of arbitrarily complex policies.
  • Easy to use, centralized provisioning, management, notification, and monitoring features. Instant email notification of errors/warnings, lack of backup, and unexpected disk usage changes. Web dashboard provides one-screen visualization of status of backup for all accounts.
  • Best in class backend infrastructure, layered on redundant storage with additional software-based forward error correction (above and beyond redundant storage), end-to-end data integrity checks (software and hardware), and proactive, automated file-integrity scanning for absolutely zero data loss.
  • Reverse-delta incremental backup strategy ensures that the most recent backup is always a full backup, while the transmitted incrementals and stored historical deltas are still small. This allows for faster restores and also means that once the full backup is uploaded the first time, only incremental backups are needed from that time forward (in contrast to forward-delta systems like tape backups where you have to periodically perform a full backup).

Technology Whitepaper

 Who Needs eSecure?

Everyone! Laptop users. Any sized business. Home computers. Servers. Anywhere important information is stored.  Studies have shown that the majority of PC users don’t back up their critical data on a regular basis but would be greatly inconvenienced if they ever lost their data. Anyone looking for an easier and more reliable way to backup data needs eSecure.

 What eSecure Delivers…


  • Easy Installation– All software required for easy secure data backup is installed and configured in minutes.  No additional hardware to install, maintain or learn how to use.
  • Backup From Anywhere – Secure backups can be accomplished from any Internet connection.
  • Anytime Access – Access to your stored data anytime from any place with an Internet connection.  Recovery of lost files is fast and easy.
  • Minimum Effort, Minimum Time – Quick and easy backup is accomplished by only moving the changes you made to your protected data each time you back up.
  • Flexible Version Control - Provides unmatched flexibility in storing multiple versions of the same document.  Definable down to the individual file.  Easy to recover a previous version.


  • Secure Off-Site Storage – A redundant copy of all of your critical information is stored in the secure eSecure data center. If your system crashes or your laptop is stolen, your important information is still safe and easily restored at any time day or night.
  • No Hardware to Fail or Maintain – No bad media, broken tape drives, misplaced tapes or faulty CD drives. Your secure backup process is completely software driven and your backup is stored off-site without the hassle of putting tapes or CDs in another location.
  • Automated Process - Be sure your data is being backed up correctly with our easy to use automated system.  No operator error or forgotten backups.  You even receive automatic reminders if you forget to backup your data.


  • 256 bit Encryption – All of your information is automatically encrypted based on your private passphrase prior to being transmitted to a secure eSecure data center.
  • Only You Have Access – Without your password and passphrase, the stored information cannot be read or used by anyone else including eSecure staff. Only the user has access to the data.
  • Changes Only – Once your encrypted information is stored in an eSecure data center, only the encrypted changes to your data are transmitted to insure the fastest performance.  This process guarantees that the information sent is meaningless to anyone but you and your encrypted eSecure account. 
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